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Rozhovor s Johnem Romerem o Doomu

[ Icarusweb ] [ 23.02.2000 ]

This month's interview is with none other than the DooM god himself, John Romero. John was one of the original DooM programmers and level designers, and rated number four in Doomworld's top 10 WAD designers. He is currently working at Ionstorm on Daikatana. Here's the interview...

Icarusweb: What do you think of the source ports such as Legacy and Boom?

John Romero: I just love the interest people still have in modifying DOOM and making it look better than ever with today's graphics hardware. I really like ZDOOM in addition to those you mentioned.

Icarusweb: Which is your favourite total conversion of all time?

John Romero: That's a tough one... it just might be Eternal DOOM.

Icarusweb: Why do you think Doom has such enduring appeal, and still has a huge fanbass, whilst other games pale into history?

John Romero: I think DOOM had just the right mix of elements that keep people coming back to it: great monsters, excellent weapons with great balance, a spooky environment and extreme speed.

Icarusweb: Where did you get the ideas for the Doom monsters?

John Romero: We pretty much came up with monsters that could come from Hell -- some of them are more traditional like the Baron of Hell, imps, possessed humans.....but then we wanted other monsters that no one had heard of before like the Cacodemon, Cyberdemon, Mancubus, etc.

Icarusweb: Which one is your favourite?

John Romero: My favorite DOOM monster. Wow, that's a pretty tough question. I would probably have to say that my favorite monster in DOOM is the imp. I know, I know... most people would pick the Cyberdemon or something else massive, but I really like the imp because he has more character than the others. And my *favorite* part of the imp is when I double-barrel him in the face and he falls backward with that "URG!" sound -- I love it! I could just run around smacking that guy down, 24-7, listening to that sound....using the Bezerk punch... gibbing him with the rocket... all kinds of fun ways to put the smackdab on his ass.

Icarusweb: If Doom ever does get made into a movie, who do you think is write to play the hero? (My vote goes to Bruce Campbell... there ain't no one who can hold a chainsaw quite like him...)

John Romero: Well, it really depends on the attitude of the movie. If it's going to be funny, then Bruce is the perfect guy for it. But if it's going to be serious, then it would be better to have a really serious leading guy, like...Kurt Russel. Sure, there's probably lots of other badasses out there, but I will back up Kurt any day of the week as being the perfect asskicking Marine in a DOOM movie. Just look at the potential he had in Stargate. He was hardcore in The Thing and Escape From New York. Kurt is The Doom Guy.