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The end of Season 2

Twister 12.27.09  

Today marks the end of the second season of Idoom Speed Trophy. The turn-out was outstanding, even slightly higher than in the first season. Of course we got helped greatly by foreign participation of several brilliant speedrunners from different corners of the world. Players from Egypt, Finland, Italy, Lithuania, Poland and USA joined the contest. I hope they'll stay faithful to us :). The third season starts in two weeks - January 10, 2010!

Flash contest Weekly contest
1.   Twister 29 pts 1.   Twister 37 pts
2.   Draza 25 pts 2.   hokis 27 pts
3.   psichotik 22 pts 3.   dew 25 pts
4.-5.   hokis 19 pts 4. xepop 18 pts
4.-5. The Green Herring 19 pts 5.   psichotik 17 pts
6.   Graim 13 pts 6. Kimo Xvirus 11 pts
7.   vain 6 pts 7.-8.   Draza 9 pts
8.-9. vdgg 4 pts 7.-8.   Graim 9 pts
8.-9.   Des_Arthes 4 pts 9.-10. The Green Herring 6 pts
10.-11.   Tomsa_x 1 pt 9.-10. Donce 6 pts
10.-11.   Sigma7 1 pt 11.   Des_Arthes 3 pts

And finally, yet again some graphs (cz only):

Contest #16

Twister 12.20.09  

Today's the day of the last contest of this season. Download a wad called (ReeKrank) (download). Recording parameters: map 02, skill 4, UV MAX = 100% kills + 100% secrets. Upload the demos through the upload interface.

Results of the Flash Contest:
1st place: Twister(48.57)6 pts
2nd place:The Green Herring(48.97)5 pts
3rd place: hokis(50.34)4 pts
4th place: Draza(52.23)3 pts
5th place: psichotik(52.46)2 pts
6th place: Sigma7(1:09.29)1 pt

Results of the Weekly Contest:
1st place:Kimo Xvirus(40.97)6 pts
2nd place:xepop(44.43)5 pts
3rd place:Donce(45.14)4 pts
4th place: Twister(45.71)3 pts
5th place: dew(46.77)2 pts
6th place: Des_Arthes(48.14)1 pt
7th place:The Green Herring(48.97)0 pts
8th place: hokis(50.34)0 pts
9th place: Draza(52.23)0 pts
10th place: psichotik(52.46)0 pts
11th place: jarin(1:06.94)0 pts
12th place: Sigma7(1:09.29)0 pts

Contest #15

Twister 12.06.09  

The last but one contest of the second season is here. Today we have prepared a real delicasy. Players should compete in a wad called Mini-level megawad (download). The goal is to run through the first 3 maps on UV. Note that you have to behave a little different in every map:

  1. MAP 01 - kill all enemies = 100% kills
  2. MAP 02 - finish level only by using berserk
  3. MAP 03 - finish asap
Upload the demos through the upload interface.

Results of the Flash Contest:
1st place: Draza(2:02.00)6 pts
2nd place: psichotik(2:37.00)5 pts
3rd place: Twister(2:52.00)4 pts
4th place: Des_Arthes(2:58.00)3 pts
5th place: hokis(3:21.00)2 pts

Results of the Weekly Contest:
1st place: Twister(1:25.00)6 pts
2nd place: hokis(1:27.00)5 pts
3rd place: psichotik(1:29.00)4 pts
4th place: dew(1:31.00)3 pts
5th place:Donce(1:32.00)2 pts
6th place: Draza(2:02.00)1 pt
7th place: Des_Arthes(2:58.00)0 pts

Contest in English

Twister 11.26.09  

The website is translated to English from this day, hopefully that will ease the orientation and use of it for the foreign players. Translation done by dew and Draza - thanks.

Contest #14

Twister 11.22.09  

Well, the classic stuff wasn't a hit last time, at least in the participation. Today we chose a pretty simple wad - (nb_wst01), so let's hope more people join. All it takes is dash to the exit on skill 4. Upload the demos through the upload interface.

Results of the Flash Contest:
1st place: vain(27.57)6 pts
2nd place: Twister(28.40)5 pts
3rd place: psichotik(29.14)4 pts
4th place: hokis(30.97)3 pts
5th place:The Green Herring(34.29)2 pts
6th place: Draza(36.60)1 pt
7th place: Tomsa_x(36.69)0 pts
8th place:vdgg(41.49)0 pts
9th place: zuljin(1:01.40)0 pts

Results of the Weekly Contest:
1st place: Twister(22.11)6 pts
2nd place:xepop(22.71)5 pts
3rd place: dew(22.74)4 pts
4th place: hokis(24.23)3 pts
5th place: Draza(24.51)2 pts
6th place: Des_Arthes(27.23)1 pt
7th place: vain(27.57)0 pts
8th place:vdgg(29.06)0 pts
9th place: psichotik(29.14)0 pts
10th place:The Green Herring(34.29)0 pts
11th place: Tomsa_x(36.69)0 pts
12th place: zuljin(1:01.40)0 pts
13th place:walter(2:46.14)0 pts

Contest #13

Twister 11.08.09  

Ok guys, a true classic today. Doom2.wad, map 15 in particular. The task is simple: finish the level on UV skill, but using the classic way, meaning the normal exit. Upload the demos through the upload interface.

Results of the Flash Contest:
1st place:The Green Herring(1:39.97)6 pts
2nd place: psichotik(1:45.11)5 pts
3rd place: Twister(1:46.74)4 pts
4th place: Draza(2:06.94)3 pts

Results of the Weekly Contest:
1st place: Twister(1:21.03)6 pts
2nd place: hokis(1:23.11)5 pts
3rd place:xepop(1:23.63)4 pts
4th place: psichotik(1:28.74)3 pts
5th place:The Green Herring(1:39.97)2 pts
6th place: Draza(2:06.94)1 pt
7th place: dew(2:31.83)0 pts

Rules modification

Twister 11.02.09  

We have two new rules, applying from the following contest:

  • The packed demos have to include a text file specifying the version and port the demo was recorded in. We will tolerate the text file missing in the Flash Contest demos, but the Weekly Contest demos without the text file will be rejected! You can download the template for the text file in the right collumn of the Actual Contest section.
  • You have to keep the minimum of 1% health when exiting the level!

  • Contest #12

    Twister 10.25.09  

    The fourth continuation of the autumn season is here and with it an excellent map, I hope. At least it should be, considering it was acclaimed in Doomworld's annual best map awards - Cacowards. The wad is called Vae Victus 2 (download). Careful, map #6 is played! Skill stays on 4. So start up prboom and race to the exit. Upload the demos through the upload interface.

    Results of the Flash Contest:
    1st place:The Green Herring(20.03)6 pts
    2nd place: Graim(24.51)5 pts
    3rd place:vdgg(34.69)4 pts
    4th place: Draza(1:09.00)3 pts
    5th place: Twister(1:51.91)2 pts
    6th place: hokis(2:07.00)1 pt

    Results of the Weekly Contest:
    1st place: dew(14.51)6 pts
    2nd place:Kimo Xvirus(14.86)5 pts
    3rd place:xepop(15.11)4 pts
    4th place: psichotik(16.80)3 pts
    5th place:The Green Herring(20.03)2 pts
    6th place: Graim(24.51)1 pt
    7th place:vdgg(34.69)0 pts
    8th place: Draza(1:09.09)0 pts
    9th place: hokis(1:28.29)0 pts
    10th place: Twister(1:31.06)0 pts

    Contest #11

    Twister 10.11.09  

    The third contest of the actual season has brought us to a wad called (an_coop). You don't have to accomplish anything, just run to the finish with skill set to 4. Upload the demos through the upload interface. Check the demo names after yourselves so I don't have to correct them at home all the time!

    Results of the Flash Contest:
    1st place:Draza(48.57)6 pts
    2nd place:hokis(48.91)5 pts
    3rd place:psichotik(49.86)4 pts
    4th place:Twister(50.29)3 pts
    5th place:Graim(52.37)2 pts
    6th place:Des_Arthes(58.37)1 pt

    Results of the Weekly Contest:
    1st place: dew(40.77)6 pts
    2nd place: hokis(41.87)5 pts
    3rd place: Twister(42.26)4 pts
    4th place: psichotik(43.49)3 pts
    5th place:The Green Herring(43.51)2 pts
    6th place: Draza(43.66)1 pt
    7th place: Graim(45.51)0 pts
    8th place:vdgg(48.46)0 pts
    9th place: Des_Arthes(58.37)0 pts

    Contest #10

    Twister 09.27.09  

    Another sequel to the contest leads us to a wad called (arbor2). Your task is to run into the exit with all the weapons in the map (chainsaw, chaingun, super shotgun, rocket launcher, plasma gun and the BFG). The recording parameters are: skill 4, map 2 + parameter -nomonsters! Upload the demos through the upload interface. Please, keep the settings from the right panel of this page!

    Results of the Flash Contest:
    Nothing at all!

    Results of the Weekly Contest:
    1st place:Twister(1:03.26)6 pts
    2nd place:Graim(1:04.00)5 pts
    3rd place:hokis(1:04.89)4 pts
    4th place:psichotik(1:05.66)3 pts
    5th place:dew(1:05.74)2 pts
    6th place:Des_Arthes(1:09.94)1 pt
    7th place:Spirit_Crusader(1:22.06)0 pts

    Contest #9

    Twister 09.13.09  

    Here we go with the first contest of the 2nd season. Download the wad (m1style). The recording parameters are: skill 4, map 1, your taks is to run to the exit without killing or harming any monster. Upload the demos through the upload interface. Please, keep the settings from the right panel of this page!

    Results of the Flash Contest:
    1st place:Graim(32.23)6 pts
    2nd place:Twister(32.63)5 pts
    3rd place:hokis(32.71)4 pts
    4th place:Draza(32.89)3 pts
    5th place:psichotik(33.66)2 pts
    6th place:Tomsa_x(33.71)1 pt

    Results of the Weekly Contest:
    1st place:Twister(27.49)6 pts
    2nd place:hokis(28.97)5 pts
    3rd place:Draza(29.74)4 pts
    4th place:Graim(29.89)3 pts
    5th place:dew(31.06)2 pts
    6th place:psichotik(33.66)1 pt
    7th place:Tomsa_x(33.71)0 pts
    8th place:Spirit_Crusader(50.34)0 pts

    2ns season is coming soon

    Twister 08.24.09  

    The second season of IDOOM speed Trophy (a.k.a. Sunday contest parties) officially starts this September. The opening contest will be announced on Sunday October 13, in 20:00 CET, a bit faster on IRC. The rules stay the same. I hope we get at least the same amount of participants as in spring.

     Basic information:

     Admins: Twister

     Current contest ()

  • Wad: ()
  • Map:
  • Skill:
  • Complevel: 2
  • Announcement:
  • Deadline 1:
  • Deadline 2:
  • Task:
  • Demo name: wad-nick-seconds.hundredths
  • .txt: (download)
  • Time is UTC+1
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