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Basic information

Twister 02.11.09  

This site is a central for doom contests that are held by IDOOM Team (particularly Draza and Twister). The goal is clear: two contests will take place every month and points from these challenges will be counted into the IDOOM Speed Trophy

IDOOM Speed Trophy is long-term competition of the contest participants. During a year, there will be 2 seasons. The first one is set from January till April and the second one from September till December. Only 6 fastest demos from the current contest will receive points for the IDOOM Speed Trophy. The point system is simple - 1st place: 6 points, 2nd place: 5 points etc.

Each contest will have 2 categories, with the points gained in each carried forward separately:
a) flash contest (demos must be recorded within 1 hour)
b) weekly contest (demos are recorded on the same map and the deadline for uploading is 7 days)

Rules of participation

  1. Demos must be recorded with the classic version (Doom2 v1.9) or with Prboom v2.5.0 - download and higher or in prboom+ v2.5.0.1 - download and higher, that are capable of displaying demo time in hundredth of a second. Recording itself can be simplified by using Prboom launcher (download)
  2. Demos must be packed in a .zip archive, for uploading please use this page.
  3. Demos with wrong settings or demos that fail to play back, will be excluded.
  4. packed demos must include a text file, which will contain info about the version and port used for recording. We will tolerate missing text file, when competing in Flash contest. Demos recorded for Weekly contest must contain the text file, otherwise they will be excluded. The text file template will be available for downloading in the right column under the "Current contest" section.
  5. When finishing a level, you must have at least 1% of health.

 Basic information:

 Admins: Twister

 Current contest ()

  • Wad: ()
  • Map:
  • Skill:
  • Complevel: 2
  • Announcement:
  • Deadline 1:
  • Deadline 2:
  • Task:
  • Demo name: wad-nick-seconds.hundredths
  • .txt: (download)
  • Time is UTC+1
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